Bucket List: Elephant Seals at Sunset

One of the perks of living in Los Angeles is having the rest of California only a few hours’ drive away, making it ideal for spontaneous road trips like this one! Unlike the East Coast, where I grew up, the West Coast is much more quiet, with its natural beauty more untouched. Well, except LA.

The drive along the Pacific Coast Highway is easily one of the most beautiful in the world, and especially at sunset. My first time up the coast, my boyfriend and I drove through Big Sur at sunset. It was so beautiful and full of magic– that nothing I say can capture or even begin to explain it.

Before Big Sur, is “Little Sur”, a little town called Cambria. My boyfriend and I love this sleepy little ocean town, and stay here often. I’m going to post all about Cambria soon, including where I normally stay, eat, shop, etc.

About twenty minutes north of Cambria is San Simeon, a town known for Hearst Castle. I’ve never been yet, but plan to go soon. Then, on the side of the road, with only a small sign that reads “Elephant Seal Viewing Area” is a natural rookery where thousands of seals have chosen to live. Depending on the time of the year, they are in different stages and in different numbers. It’s an incredible sight to see– and it’s fascinating to see what the seals are up to at different times of the year.

Learn more about the elephant seals on the Friend of the Elephant Seal website.

Here are our photos from this last trip:








This is one of the most fantastic sights I’ve ever seen in my life, and I believe everyone should try to see it. Make it apart of a California coast road trip, or if you’re close by, make it a day or weekend trip. The fact that these seals live here by choice, and we are allowed to view them in their natural habitat is just incredible. And on top of that, add a gorgeous sunset.

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